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Today I want to share with you about an important business platform, if you are a home-based business owner or belong to any MLM company. If you sound familiar names like Mike Dillard, Daegan Smith, Brian Fanale, or Jonathan Budd, these are just some of the entrepreneurs millionaires that form part of this community and if you don’t know or have you heard of any of them, definitely need to join this community so that you can learn from people who already have the results that you are looking for.<! more > this community is a platform like Facebook, but only for Networkers. All persons who are part of this community intend that any person who develops Network Marketing as a professional activity do so correctly and has tools, information, and showcase. On this platform you can be an advertising fixed to capture prospects interested in your primary business or any affiliate program to which you’re subscribed. There is a vault full of training and information at your disposal so you can Learn and strengthen you in the areas that you need it.

It is a tool of credibility, any person who is a professional Networker and any company that wants to have a serious presence in this market form a part of this community; and that, as well as codes of ethics, give them to your followers a serious picture of yourself and the company you represent. Your can use a custom link linked to each company that you represent already as a distributor or as affiliate, so people not only see you as part of your blog, but as part of a business community serious and respectable in which people like the same Mike Dillard, they are part. I give you an example of how different campaigns yours would work as a member of this community. 1.

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