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Garlic for the general health even if the ghosts divorced them and some people turn up their noses: the sulfides of garlic, the Allicin are true all-round talents in terms of health. They have a strong antibiotic, dilute the blood and promote so the perfusion of the coronary arteries. Lower blood lipids and blood pressure. You can relieve inflammation and asthma and also prevent cancer. The health-promoting effects of garlic are known already for millennia. Numerous healing effects was known in ancient China and Egypt. Garlic should be used at the first Greek Olympics even as doping substances. “Can you nowadays potency without prescription and various other medicines for impotence and erectile dysfunction in the dispatch pharmacy by new Pillenpharm order, was the garlic as a sexual enhancer, you said, the garlic beaming face and the male sex organ strongly make”.

You assumed that garlic sperm increased and small creatures killed off in the intestines. Garlic juice was also the main antibiotic which was used even in the last two world wars, as a treatment for gangrene, until the end of the last century. Similar characteristics to the garlic have all Leek plants, such as the onion, leek, Chive, albeit in a weaker form. The sulfides are among the sulphurous focus fabric drugs. The really effective substances arise only due to destruction of the onion tissue, so cutting, chopping or squeezing. The harmful effects of so-called free radicals in the body is undisputed, because they attack everything, what you get in the way, for example cell membranes, proteins, and DNA. Now, there are enzymes that can disarm the radicals in the body.

Sulfide from Leek plants can in turn enable these enzymes. A certain protection against the consequences of radical resulting attacks, so against atherosclerosis and cancer. But also on other levels of the sulfides are committed against cancer. So prevent the bacterial conversion of nitrate to nitrite, which would in turn become carcinogenic nitrosamines in conjunction with proteins by inhibiting the growth of bacteria in the stomach. This explains the reduction of the risk of stomach cancer by a garlic – or onion-rich diet. Protection against stomach cancer is evident for example in a region in Georgia, United States, in which onions were grown, and residents of a garlic wine-growing region in the North of China. In both regions, the inhabitants had a significantly reduced risk of stomach cancer. It is also proven that Knoblauch and co will prevent the growth of bacteria and yeasts, and development.

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