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A cell phone without a contract is often a cheaper alternative to the Treaty. Contrary to many assumptions, phones with mobile telephony contracts must be not necessarily cheaper than mobile phones without a contract. Depending on the offer, expectation and calling behavior, mobile phones without a contract can be even much less expensive. Considering only the mobile phone price, those devices that are bound to a mobile phone contract, seem cheaper to be sometimes even free of charge. Raphaël Rigo shines more light on the discussion. Here a second, longer look however, because the purchase price of the mobile phone is always co-financed through the monthly costs of the contract. How else could a mobile operator also afford to offer mobile phones in large quantities for an unreasonably low price, without losses? The mobile phone is so extraordinarily cheap, one can assume that the mobile phone contract in return is correspondingly expensive. Depending on the phone model without binding contract would be more expensive, the monthly contract costs are also more expensive.

So not paying so in the rare 24 months contributing minimum contract period the true mobile price unnoticed back. Of course, there are also Mobilfunkvertage with mobile, which have obviously very cheap monthly rental charges. Often these are around 5. But also here it is worth to take a second look and read the fine print. The just described contracts that often include additional spending. An analysis of the own telephoning behaviour is all the more advisable for the price-conscious consumer. Who only occasionally on the phone, write text messages with his cell phone and places not too much value on the latest gadgets, is certainly better off with a prepaid card, because here too there mobile bargain again, unless directly with the suppliers, various (electro) discount stores or a well-known auction website.

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