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Sacred Coffer

Neemias, extremely worried about well-being of its relatives and compatriots, cried, jejuou and prayed the Mr. It based its petitions in the great promises of God, certain of the allegiance of God in fulfilling its word. He asked for that God was with it ahead of the king of the Prsia. Four months later, no longer beginning of the spring, Neemias had its chance to act. King Artaxerxes perceived the sadness of its copeiro, and asked the reason.

Neemias explained its concern with the people in Jerusalem. When the king offered aid, Neemias prayed the God and made its order to the king: 1. License to go the Jerusalem to rebuild the city, 2. Letters to assure its ticket for the provinces in the way, 3. Authorization for the wood use of the forest in the construction.

Thus, with the strong hand of God, the king gave everything how much Neemias asked for, and this broke in direction the city of Jerusalem. History tells that Neemias was a copeiro of the king. Therefore not JERUSALEM According to wise Jews, the universe possesss a center, and the center of the Universe is the planet Land, and consequentemente the Land possesss its center, and this is Israel, and the center of Israel is Jerusalem, and the center of Jerusalem is the Sacred temple, and the center of the temple is the place santssimo or the Saint Dos Santos, and the center of the Saint Dos Santos is the Aron Hacodesh, the Sacred Coffer, that represents Jesus. Yerushalm is the most famous city of the world. For the Jewish ones it was it city of great king (Sl-48: 2), the city saint (Js-52: 1). When in the Babylonian captivity the Jewish people assumed a moral commitment and spiritual with God, of never forgetting itself the city of Jerusalem. approves the God who in the construction of the City Saint, if constructed twelve doors, and one of it would be the Golden Door, that second one> prophecy, would be for it that the Messias would enter and therefore today it meets closed, closed for the Muslen.

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