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For people with high blood pressure instrument for measuring pressure is a thing of vital importance – they need to constantly monitor their pressure, and regardless of whether it is stable or have high a more mild forms of hypertension, for example, so-called 'mild hypertension. " Hearing the diagnosis of 'mild hypertension', many people settle down and underestimate the seriousness of their illness. However, this is the easiest form of hypertension can lead to serious complications – stroke and myocardial infarction. In 60% of cases they occur in the early stages of hypertension and may be tragically cut short life of the patient. About 25% of deaths associated with hypertension, occur in patients whose blood pressure did not rise above 140/90 mm Hg Blood pressure should enter into the same habit, like brushing your teeth! Regular measurement of blood Pressure tells you need the medication, and the systematic recording of changes in blood pressure will allow your doctor to get a more complete and accurate picture of the disease and correctly assign treatment. Even healthy people should periodically measure your blood pressure – even if you feel fine, your blood pressure may be elevated. How correctly to choose a blood pressure cuff? There are several methods Pressure: Invasive – it is used in hospitals for surgical operations. This method is practically not applicable in the home and is not considered here. Auscultatory – with a mechanical tonometer Korotkoff tones are heard on the ulnar artery. This method was invented by the Russian surgeon Nikolai S.

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