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Data sharing site should ensure the exchange of data as users. And with other sites. The site should provide the transaction, and reduce or eliminate the manual labor of writing instruments. Searching for information on this site should be organized full-text search. Search must take into account the different criteria (regulatory framework, the date of publication, news, articles, etc.). Language versions of state agencies simply must have multiple language versions.

All information should be available in Russian and in the official language, with the ability to switch between them. The structure of the site. The site structure and that it should contain the information necessary to describe in detail in the specifications, depending on the specific organ management. Terms of reference should specify any uniform standards for site development. All information posted on this site should be subject to inspection by enforcement of the laws of and other normative documents. At least the site should contain the following sections and modules: – a structured base of normative documents institutions – the documents of the parent and related institutions, or links to the site – local and national news – functional site search – Forms of certificates, forms and other documents – rules required documents – answers to frequently asked questions – modes of operation of individual agencies and services – contact details – Forum Conference, etc. to discuss the problems – a form of sending messages to specific departments. Languages spoken sites. Today, many government agencies run their projects on the Internet, but due to the fact that you are using various technologies and platforms in the future to link this site to the websites of other agencies will be problematic if not impossible.

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