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Repair Joystick

But for simplicity you have to pay. Over time, it loses its quality and there are glitches (malfunctioning, that is, activation of unwanted side). This issue can be resolved independently, although some are running into service center without knowing it. There are two ways to solve this problem. The first method is simple, but is not effective. To do this, carefully disassemble the phone (to get to the joystick) and drop it in the medical alcohol or alcohol toilet water. Further develop it in all directions. After that, give a little alcohol to evaporate and collect the phone.

That's all business. Such repairs will be enough a little more than a week. The second method is the most complex and requires a straight hand and soldering skills. Just disassemble the phone and if this model is Nokia, then carefully unsolder in two places at the metal screen above the joystick, after cutting down four points above its plastic, which after repairs will be enough to drop small drop of super glue. If this model of Sony Ericsson, you'll need to carefully unsolder all of the joystick. Now it's cleansing of the joystick.

To do this, take the blade and clean the contacts are to them. There are cases of breakdown of membranes, which need to be replaced at the same or similar a similar size. After cleaning wipe all the contacts with alcohol and letting it evaporate collect everything in its place. This repair is very efficient and long-lived, as if you bought the phone again. The most important thing is that repairs to the service center is much more expensive than serviceable. In this article, I described how you can easily repair joystick in the home without the services of repair of mobile devices.

Sun, January 10 2016 » News