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Raw Education

Common citizen, common actor, common and real professor. This represents the mass of utopian that it sees the educational without the cinematographic maquiagens and exempt process of the fantastic realism of transformation of world. To undress the professor and vestiz it with the mask of the hypocrisy is horrendo, however it brings happiness. Ignota happiness. The scene perfect and is watched so that the balance and the new roupagem of the education can disclose the fragility by means of the cameras. Perfect scenes! Real and realistic scenes.

It lacked action. To undress the professor is to encourage it of the tenuous mortgaged certainty in the education institutions. To dress the professor is to deliver it the cameras to it of day-by-day and placing it in the show window of the impensante, however dress. Well dress. The keys lock doors and windows of the educational scope and to assure total smoothness of educational vestments the hand it closes the door handle, however the eyes of the technology catch the dumb scenes. To dress the professor of the sovereignty who does not have and the patent who at least knows denotes to become it grotesco, languid, inexpressivo, ridicule, however it is possible e, worse, necessary! The measures that dress the professor not incase. Weaveeed lack. Lack decision.

Sobram surreais uncertainties, bizarrices. Naked and raw education. Rooms without professor. Pupils unprovided of the pertaining to school conscience. Can the technology catch and edit such facts? Not. The necessity is well-known of that medias are efficient without retrograde beings, human and well dresses. On the other hand, it has defames of reality educational show, therefore the queerness is in the facts of extreme relevance as daily pertaining to school. They will be made the laser or with penxs the penalty? However, the education does not become ‘ ‘ without dirios’ ‘? Are dressed professors with the invisibilidade and evidence the daily one (only educational resource valued by the cameras)? To undress and to dress. To dress to undress the professor. To undress to dress the professor, in real time, is to provoke satirical mood, is to exaltar the mediocre form where all had been molded.

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