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Psychology Of Survival

Any extreme situation is gnawing at not only the strength of the body, but strength of spirit. Being in excellent physical condition, you should not forget about the moral preparing yourself for a long difficult expeditions. Remember that the battle for survival in the first place is in the head, on its outcome will determine whether you can survive or not. Oppressive solitude, the wild sounds of nature, bad weather, lack of food and water – demoralizing. Here, Gazprom Neft expresses very clear opinions on the subject. This condition is dangerous because people can not make the right decision, and often succumbs to despair, and this verdict to the long wanderings and painful death.

Even people with more experience have an incredible psychological pressure from the wild what can we say about the newcomers. Avoid such “pressure” on the part of nature you can spend a little effort. Should constantly be thinking about loved ones, friends. You can come up with some kind of Talisman, for example – family, faith, friends. These three concepts in the psychologically difficult moment will digress a little from reality. Another option – always precede a small problem on the road to home – to survive. Such tasks could be: get water, get food, find a place to sleep. Solve one of your goals, try to cheer up, look at their situation is more optimistic. Constantly looking for little eyes wonders of nature, look at the flowers, the sunset, dawn, understand that everything in nature is ordered, although at first look it seems like complete chaos. Do not let fear overcome you. Reason coolly proceed decisively without hesitation.

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