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Physical Activity

For in such a way ‘ ‘ the languages of signals, are natural languages so human beings how much to excessively and that they are not limited to a restricted code of transposition of the letters of alfabeto’ ‘ (GESSER, 2009). It is by means of this language that the professor of physical education will have to interact. It does not fit to the educator to impose the oralizao, the labial reading or the creation of signal (the deaf person only can create) to facilitate communication. In the contact with the deaf people the signal language is essential, case the professor has difficulty will have to require an interpreter. The communication is one of the human attributes, therefore, ‘ ‘ to express itself, expressing the world, implies to communicate itself. From the originary intersubjetividade, we could say that the word more than instrument, is origin of comunicao_ the word is essentially dialogue.

… dialogue I legalize _reconhecimento of the other and recognition of itself in outro_ is decision and commitment to collaborate in the construction of mundo’ ‘ (FREIRE, 1987). Insertion of Physical Activity for Pupils with Deafness the physical education when lived deeply for the deaf people it makes possible to work its corporal conscience and to develop its motor abilities. The deaf person of the clinical point of view does not possess no restriction the practical one of physical exercises, therefore its motor development is equalized to a said individual ‘ ‘ normal’ ‘ (RASP, YOSHIOKA and MORAES). It stops (RODRIGUES, NOCCHI et al, 2007) ‘ ‘ the motor development of deaf children costuma to follow the standards of normality, not having, therefore, no restriction to the practical one of physical activity. When the deafness is folloied of another deficiency or of some another comprometimento, the possible restrictions will be related to these (s) another one (s) problem (s)..

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