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Paul Regauer

We have said our goodbyes of old planning methods, in particular a detailed planning of the micro is not practical for us. So we were looking for a multi project management software that can reproduce agile planning techniques and at the same time in spite of accurate planning methods – offers an efficient risk management”, next to Paul Regauer. In addition, it was important that the application takes into account, as openly as possible has interfaces to other systems – time data – so and can be easily integrated into the existing IT landscape. Ease of use and a low training costs when choosing a professional solution for enterprise project management was picky about the automotive supplier. Given the fact that almost 50% of businesses no longer put on the project management software, would that have purchased it, HS Genion closely analysed the numerous different planning tools. After an intensive testing period opted for a gradual implementation of the software by the tool can do is easy to understand and intuitive to use. “” According to the principle, train the trainer “was first trained our project management team, for our project staff training expenses of only half a day was then”, explains Paul Regauer. Almost one-third of the newly introduced project management systems fails because of the lack of acceptance of the user.

Therefore, the planning tool must simplify the work process and be intuitive. A modern project planning software must compete among other things it can be, how quickly they learn and how easy to use it is. Here can do is almost unrivalled”, summarises Paul Regauer. Transparency and an efficient allocation of capacity through the introduction of can Do project intelligence is the staff association at the site and cross-project projects at HS Genion significantly more transparent, the resource utilization was at the same time more efficient.

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