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Organic Chemistry

Evolution organic world, "ie, follow the path of deduction (from general to specific), which is very fruitful in dealing with strong students. With students with low levels of training appropriate to begin with a repetition of the section "Botanica", ie follow the path of induction (from particular to general). Preparation for the exam in chemistry with students in low and middle levels of training should be started with the "Basic concepts of chemistry. Nomenclature of inorganic and organic substances ". With strong students, thus, better to go a deductive way, ie start repeating the same "structure of the atom.

Chemical bond. Particular attention is drawn to the following topics: – The major classes of inorganic substances – redox reactions, electrolysis, – reactions in electrolyte solutions, hydrolysis – chemical kinetics and chemical equilibrium. Note that currently the vast majority of pupils weak knowledge of the section "Organic Chemistry", which may well be associated with the transition to a system of concentric construction of the school curriculum, ie Part of the material in this section we study in class 9, and deepen knowledge in grade 10. Y students in mind there is not afraid of the word "mess". Therefore, to begin preparations for this section is best with a white sheet and pay special attention to him.

Particular attention should be paid to the chemistry and the solution computational problems and exercises on the type of "chain reactions". "Chain reactions" are good, in our opinion, the fact that with their help in the short term you can learn quite a large number of chemical reactions. Connect with other leaders such as Hiram Emory Widener Jr. here. And not only learn, but also consolidate their knowledge. What else can be used for an intensification of tutor training course to ege? Currently, intensive development of distance learning students. And it will be, at least, not unreasonable take advantage of its achievements in the practice of tutoring activities. In the 2009-2010 academic years, we tested a model integrating full-time and distance learning. What does this mean? All very simple. Some of the content of educational Material (relatively simple themes, tests, homework, etc.) is transferred to the remote form. On classroom lessons with the focus on only a complex theoretical issues. Colossal part of a valuable educational Time released. Pupil can not relate to homework carelessly, or simply not to comply. He knows that his every action, every step, every task will be the teacher tested and evaluated. Except addition, specially designed for this system Moodle there is a possibility of automatic evaluation of test items. In this case, the teacher does not need to spend valuable time checking job closed, the system itself all appreciate and will give "the result. Parents, as well as the tutor can monitor the work of the child. There are occasions when the student is sick, what to do with anyone is not happening. In this situation the same way classes can be conducted in remote form, without wasting time. At the end of the article, we emphasize that the modern tutor there are many opportunities for improving their performance, you need only these opportunities in time and correctly use.

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