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To establish the type of material used and the quality of fire-retardant coatings using methods of thermal analysis. The essence of the method consists in comparing the curves thermogravimetric analysis and significant thermoanalytical characteristics (identification parameters) of the samples of coatings (sites with fire-retardant-impregnated) with a "benchmark" data. Under the "reference" refers to the data presented in the technical documentation on the production of flame retardants are scanned or received at the primary testing (test reports) of the samples retardants and materials. Compared subject thermoanalytical characteristics and parameters obtained only when completely identical conditions on the instruments of one class of accuracy. Simply speaking, every material has a set of thermal analysis curves and parameters unique to its formulation. Experimentally established that any, even minor changes in formulation of the material entail changes in the thermal analysis curves and identification characteristics. On this application and is based experimental method of thermal analysis to identify materials in the tests on the fire hazard (fire-retardant efficiency) and quality control of flame retardants work.

fgu emercom Russia has accumulated great experience in the identification of substances and materials by thermal analysis. Published guide 'Identification of solids, materials and tools for fire protection tests for fire hazard ', which are described in detail the procedure for preparing samples for thermoanalytical studies, the technique of thermal analysis and comparison of the thermal analysis curves and establishing identity. The Institute has a data bank which contains identification features more than two thousand substances and materials. For quality control of flame retardant impregnations responsible parameter is Kosovo or bottom ash sample. Conclusion of line type and quality requirements of the applicable ptd NTDs also entered in the act of controlling fire protection works. Thus, depending on the quality control tasks on the fire protection facilities may be using the methods of visual inspection and rapid methods of monitoring, measuring the thickness by measuring methods, control of the documentation or through their various combinations. Most complete picture of a fire retardant treatment provides an integrated approach, typically a combination of all of the above methods and methodology to establish type of material used and the quality of fire-retardant coating by thermal analysis.

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