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Notion Ink Adam Tablet

Ink Adam has us news about the Notion Ink Adam Tablet, and as usual from the official blog they will show us the use of Gingerbread operating system. But not only announce that Android 2.3 and Eden, your tablet interface, are supported, but also reported that on 6 December is a very important date for the evolution of Android. Will you make the presentation of Gingerbread today?, at least the development libraries seems to be Yes. Another interesting news about the tablet is the curious device reservation method, since they have decided to give priority the commentators of the post that serves as the source to this news. In short, bookings coming buyers will continue running, but commentators saved a first turn. We finished this important news reporting that Europe is one of the main markets for Notion Ink, and thus make it clear that we are not talking about a product destined for United States. Some developments are anticipated in the source of the news with nature software, which we invite you to visit. Video of Robert Rubin is often quoted on this topic. Customization and applications of Notion Ink Adam will be a very important added value when comparing the tablet with the competition..

Tue, July 6 2021 » News