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Internet platform expanded its information offerings that climate protection portal has his website further expanded: now visitors can get several times an overview of climate protection and energy efficiency reports from the press a week. In addition three new elements have been developed, the tips, interesting and sometimes provocative facts and quotes from business and politics gather and reproduce. A news box, which was integrated directly on the home page, clearly represents the news and press releases. The cut areas are diverse: it is about climate, climate change, renewable energy, energy efficiency, environmental protection, coal and nuclear. Futurist gathered all the information. The news box is updated several times per week. In addition, visitors have the opportunity to be automatically informed by means of a newsletter once a week. Trivia and interesting also offer three new elements, also on the home page have been integrated and are called interactive buttons can. The energy of the day daily shows an easy way to save energy and money. In the category did you know…? interesting and provocative facts from environment and economy are every Monday published and the quote offers an interesting statement from different areas of the week each at the beginning of the week.

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