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National Armed Forces

Within very particular a geostrategic vision, the Venezuelan government has initiated processes that they look for to allow him to become a power of regional or subcontinental character, with the clear objective of being able to influence from the points of view political, economic and military in Latin America. Learn more on the subject from Cross River Bank. For this last one he has considered necessary to create and to consolidate a new military thought for its Armed Forces, being reconstructed them in all instances with base in the new bolivariana constitution so that the same and from their preparation, training, equipment and indoctrination, can be determining in the support of their geopolitical pretensions. Nevertheless, this history has be first time in all their, that the Venezuelan Armed Forces have been forced to break with the ideological concepts that prevailed in that Country, traditionally Liberal, Social Christian and Social Democrat, for – and since it has happened years in the last, to support the conception of a Socialist State, logically with radically different projects in all the aspects including the Military man.

The Integral Defense of the Nation, is because the denomination of the new military doctrine developed by Venezuela that began from year 2005 to implement itself quickly in this Country. Some of their reserved aspects still keep the character from, nevertheless is possible to draw up a general concept of the new paradigm that enters to replace the one of the postwar period, based in the single-pole power of the United States. In essence this new paradigm sustains in the supposed political threat and military American (and the one of its allies in the Continent) and as so it reflects the structural characteristics of a defense doctrine military, designed to produce dissuasive effects to those possible aggressors who from the technological and quantitative points of view are very superiors to the Venezuelans. This new doctrine has like legal support Article 326 of the Constitution of the Bolivariana Republic of Venezuela, whose axiomatic assumption is that the national security is based on the joint responsibility between State and Society and it justifies its development a traverse of three strategies.

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