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More Women Than Men

Men get a heart attack more often, but more often women die of disease death by heart attack – many think because of stressed men in senior positions in the middle ages. But far from it: In the under-60 is of heart attack in women of more common cause of death than age-matched men. The Internet health portal reported. For more information see Roger Cox. In women under 60, an attack more frequently leads to death than in age-matched male heart patients. Women suffer a heart attack than men although in average ten years later.

You die but more often because”, says Vera Regitz-Zagrosek, Director of the Center for gender studies at the University Hospital Charite in Berlin. That applies especially to the few young already. “The reasons for the higher death rate are manifold: the coronary arteries particularly in the younger women often look different than men”, the cardiologist explained. These differences could also have implications for the treatment and the Therapy success: After bypass surgery, for example it comes in women more frequently to complications. Especially the first days in the hospital were crucial. Hear from experts in the field like Ken Cella for a more varied view.

Women underestimate heart attack risk also often relatively late, women with complaints go to the doctor. They did not believe that they can really get a heart attack. Women underestimate often significantly”their risk, the expert warns. More women die according to the result of a vascular or heart disease to cancer in Germany. “The number of heart attacks in women according to Regitz-Zagrosek in recent decades but not necessarily gained: the emancipation rather caused, that the health problems of women are perceived more strongly.” The imedo health news will inform you of the stress of our hearts. Suspected heart attack patient should consult a specialist clinic. Where you are particularly well catered for, to learn with the help of imedo health news.

Tue, March 2 2021 » News