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Microsoft Exchange Server

Globell presents the new flexible policy-based email security solution Globell everyone who works at the computer much presents the new flexible policy-based email security solution, knows the problem. Morning overflowing Inbox against spam E-mails at work. At best spent the first half hour, to delete annoying potency pill advertisements and offers for doctoral titles that are bought for little money. Doing this valuable work time is lost and the security of corporate networks is strained to the utmost. Often complex threats that can be infiltrated, spy systems and networks and/or shut down email concealed behind harmless monthly advertising. Sunbelt Ninja email security company with a sovereign policy-based security software for Microsoft Exchange Server, on the basis of their administrators email security measures can consistently enforce.

Ninja protects the network from spam, phishing, viruses and other email-related threats. Policy-based management the Basic Plug-In architecture is to insert space guidelines to administrators and to expand if necessary. This was developed with the idea of flexibility and the scalability. Ninja supports plug-ins for antispam/antiphishing, antivirus and attachment filtering. The security structure is aligned so that in the future can be even more plug-ins, as E-Mail content, content filter integrated review and others.

New disclaimer plug-in, the option to set up global and user-defined policies for Exchange 2000 and 2003 outgoing emails provides guidelines for controlling the server-based functionality of Ninja’s. Gives administrators the possibility of according to policy-based rules for specific users, groups, to configure domains or public folder. Faster usage in Exchange 2000, 2003 and 2007 environments the management console allows installation, very centrally control configuration and the complete email security. Due to the nature of the Console simplifies the creation of guidelines for all plug-ins in addition. \”Review of email content and SMART\”Attachment Filtering\”used not a single complete filter Ninja In contrast to other anti-spam and antivirus products\” for email attachments, but more efficient cleanup options.

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