Invention Environment

Environments That Foster Invention


Like almost all children of that age, Joey knew sending mails and had its own mail box. And of course I knew using the Messenger. Sophie, as every day he saw Alex, from that which, accepted to be the donor, gave thanks. Had asked of thousand so that not to do so again. It was also his son after all.

But Sophie could not avoid it. I had need to do and did it. Hugged him strongly to and told him that he was sorry that he had to leave. It was now integrated his family and he would have liked to have around. In the embrace, he could feel her abdomen to beat him. The daughter of Sophie, also wanted to fire him.

Both laughed to notice it. She you is saying goodbye in their own way, he said graciously. Pete gave him a strong handshake. I couldn’t avoid feeling that it produced enough relief, who left. Even though he had no doubts about the love of Sophie, and had no fear in this regard, that was still some resentment by Joey. Alex went to say goodbye to Joey. This time I didn’t have to invent a smile, this was born spontaneously. Seeing that it would leave, Joey wondered if Alex would not forget the promise that had made him. Do not you forget of me on vacation, truth second Pope? Of course not, son. Personally I will come looking for you and I will take you to Spain. There you will meet your sisters. Not much liked Pete listening that it would lead to his son. Had never been separate until then or had not thought of before in this eventuality, but said that he had to begin to understand that changes were going to arrive, and was best to get accustomed. I am eager to know them! Joey had said.

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