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The present and future is internet businesses today have to accept the new reality of selling and to do so must know reach new consumers, but before you get to them it is necessary that you know it, he is surfing the internet, is a be informed, it consumes content, is lover of technology, you have new needs of time, convenience and immediacy. EXL Service has many thoughts on the issue. The customer buys in the real world, but also informs acts and buys and is protagonist in the virtual world, we live in a State of constant movements and changes, technology changes very quickly, and the new client walks with these phenomena, what is fashionable today tomorrow no longer be so, we must learn to adapt to a new stagewhere the rapidity of reaction is the main factor to keep us in the game and in the business. Today’s consumer is fully aware that businesses have an obligation to be on the internet, and they have an obligation to know comollegar to them, how is fundamental in order to sell them. Hear from experts in the field like Anne Mahlum for a more varied view. Today not just enough to choose a path to get to the new customer, but today the road and transportation must be chosen. Roads may be the pages webs, e-mails, post, etc. And transport advertising services, means of communication and dialogue that we have to meet with our clients. If I want to travel by plane, I must not go to the train station. Not forget wonder why?.

When we understand the why it is much easier to find out how we can produce what we want. Internet allows the creation of brand to be constantly visible, is not from the evening to the morning, or only for 24 hours, is a daily job, be near customers in power, is to forge a relationship and relationships have some pillars that sustain them, trusted knowledge mutual know who is who, what is what you think, how you think itWe have the support of someone else. Although the technology is so cold, to stay in the game and the new way of doing business it is essential that we are human not never forget that your client in power is human, he wants to know your company, know yourself, before you buy, you have to be there present. Today a relationship of knowledge and future friendship between your company and clients in power is much more easy, you can do it through social networks such as facebook which I believe is one of the most functional, you can begin to interact with them. Begin to say here I am, my name is, my company is, my products are, and are intended in you, they have these benefits. And they are for you. Before selling new customer 2.0 it is necessary to know what getting to their customers on the Internet?

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