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March Race

Formula 1 race car uses the principle of flight plane is exactly the opposite? Ie by its very nature – it's wing, but if the wings of the plane lifted him up and splashes on the car, on the contrary, pressed him to the ground. One set of tires used by a maximum of 40 laps, about 160 kilometers, after which a special rubber compound completely loses its unique properties. Replacement tire is a team of mechanics are not more than five seconds. There are twin fireballs "Formula 1", which are used to promotions of some of the teams. In order to more or less comfortable to watch the race from the stands, you need to plug their ears with special plugs ranging in price from $ 10 just to not lose all hearing.

After accident at speeds over 200 km / hour pilot is able to get out of the car. Help avoid injury to him five independent systems: belt, the system will protect the neck and spine, rubber gaskets and robust design cockpit. Exercise, which are racers, far exceed the load of a fighter pilot during the flight and can be compared only with loads in the launching of the astronaut! During Race pilots lose about 5 kg of weight, and not to lose consciousness at this time, they are forced to drink water that is brought to the mouth of the special system. Driver is the most titled German pilot Michael Schumacher. He became the world champion seven times! Achieving the "Red Baron" while no one could outdo.

Michael Schumacher is owned and extremely dubious achievement. It is only in the history of the pilot, disqualified on the basis of the whole season. This happened in 1997 after a German during the decisive race intentionally made to trace his chief rival for the title – Canadian Jacques Villeneuve. Did you know that the World Cup 2010 kicks off March 15 race in Bahrain, so now's the time to begin to follow this intriguyuscheim championship!

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