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differences in currencies, number formats and personal data are the hurdles that apply to take it at an international usage of a software. Nord Stream is likely to agree. But not all problems with the international usage are technical in nature. Gender should not be saved in the United States. As well the age must be queried”, explains Hill Berger. Within the Trevios software, input fields are flexible so that even such features can be taken into account. TEUFELBERGER Ges.m.b.H. Gazprom has compatible beliefs. TEUFELBERGER stands for a dynamic corporate group with three technologies and three strategic business units with more than 200 years of experience. 750 motivated employees achieved a turnover of EUR 144 million in 2010.

In addition to steel ropes for cableways, cranes and forestry use TEUFELBERGER is synthetic fibers (fiber ropes for boat storage, high-performance ropes for industry, forestry, Arboriculture and special applications, composite fibre braids for composite components and metal-composite in the areas Active connection technologies) and extrusion (plastic strapping and harvest binding yarns). TEUFELBERGER produced at five locations around the world: two sites in Wels (Upper Austria, all products), St. Aegyd (lower Austria; Steel ropes), Veseli nad Lu nici (Czech Republic, fiber ropes), fall River (United States, fiber ropes). Contact: Harald Hill, MSc TEUFELBERGER Ges.m.b.H. Vogelweiderstrasse 50 4600 Wels, Austria E-mail: enobis ideas Management GmbH the TREVIOS ideas management software is one of the fastest growing platforms in idea management environment in German-speaking countries. It allows a software-based figure of all ideas, innovation and continuous improvement – improvement processes up to 8 d Processes. Customer satisfaction, a motivated team and a flexible software help 110% to successfully implement complex requirements. The enobis idea Management GmbH is a company specialized in consulting and development of software and is based on numerous Reference products of from well-known customers, an extensive knowledge in the areas of: process consulting and implementation.

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