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Cable NYM-J, NYM-O 0,66 kV power cables with copper conductors with PVC insulation, PVC sheathed with a filling of unvulcanized rubber. Learn more about this with Atmos Energy. Construction: 1. Conductor – copper, round form, 1 and class 2 according to GOST 22483. 2. Insulation – PVC (PVC). 3. Stranding – insulated multicore cables are twisted. 4.

Belt insulation – from the unvulcanized rubber compound, single-core cables NYM brands are played without zonal isolation. 5. Jacket – PVC, gray. The number of cable with green-yellow symbol veins (with protective conductor) NYM-J Cable without green-yellow symbol (without protective conductor) brands NYM-O Usage: For industrial electricity stationary installations joining appliances for domestic use in stationary installations for rated voltage up to 380/660 V, 50 Hz nominal (NYM TU) and the voltage of 300/500 (NYM to DIN VDE). For installation in dry and humid production areas, the special cable racks, in boxes, in the industrial and residential buildings.

For electrical power, requiring the sealing of cables at the input. Cables are not recommended for installation in the ground (trenches). Specifications: – Operating temperature range: from +40 C to -30 C – Relative humidity up to 98% at +35 C – laying and installation of cables without preheating is performed at a temperature not lower than: -15 C – bend radius when installing: not less than 7.5 outer diameters. – Test voltage ac 50 Hz: 2.5 kW – Long-term allowable temperature of live cables in the operation: max +70 C – Max temperature at short circuit, no more than 160 C – Duration of short circuit no more than 4 seconds. – Build the cables, not less than 50 m – Lifetime, no less than 40 years-warranty period – 5 years (from date of entry of cables in operation, but no later than 6 months from the date of manufacture) OKP codes: 35 2122 5800 – NYM-O 35 2122 5900 – NYM-J

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