Invention Environment

Environments That Foster Invention


This allows the improvement of the cultured language, of its expressive capacities, artistic and interpretativas, also promoting, the dialogue between texts of different times and authors. It is known that, the education of literature effectively contributes for the development of the reading capacity, indispensable the professional life and to the exercise of the citizenship. The purpose of this is above all, to generate in the pupil basic abilities of analysis and interpretation of literary texts, such as survey of interpretativas hypotheses, considering the resources, estilstico how much semantic and in such a way expressive. Ahead of an educational and social perspective that aims at to the technology and the competitiveness, it is seen that literature has as pedagogical formador paper, in synthesis, a function of ‘ ‘ humanizar’ ‘ , exerting it of form to enrich the perception and the vision of the pupil it stops with the world. Go to EOG Resources for more information. Leaving of the premise of that optimum way to learn literature is the reading, one becomes valid to affirm that its education leads inside to the understanding of the literary facts of the partner-economic context and to the interpretativa capacity. To the step that this understands that the education of literature is atrelado to the intention to form pupils capable to manipulate words in search of the expressive and/or communicative perfection. It is known that the education of literature integrates practical the social one in the pupil, forming it culturally, so that this understands the importance of knowing in a typically consumista society. The performance of literature in education is promising, seen through its power of persuasion, simultaneously to modify the thought and the behavior of the man, exerting the individual-social expression, as well as the communication of this man with its equal ones. Evidently, the exercise of the objectives of literary education in the attempt to lead the pupil to the experimentation, being influenced it to live in the reading new forms to think, to act and to become related with the other.

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