Invention Environment

Environments That Foster Invention

Leoncio Martinez

And later topped: people do not follow their agitators, but those who incarnate to a unanimous aspiration of the majority. Peoples do not know agitators but performers, why follow who promises them food when they are hungry, who speaks of Justice when they feel oppressed, and even those who promise them revenge when they feel victims. They continued to Boves because Boves promised to avenge the deception that made them victim the unkept promises of those who signed the Act of 1811, because Boves offered them the sack and the battle in retaliation against the Mantuan and white Creole which had seized everything what was supposed should pass into the hands of the people. But then continued to Bolivar, because the Liberator shape much better aspirations, defining them with words of a well formulated and already reigning doctrine in Europe, which is called democracy.

Boves, as an interpreter, not translated but the passionate, barbaric, almost animal matter which is stirred in the soul of the mass; Bolivar, came more thoroughly, more to the root of the public spirit and, instead of inviting to the far-fetched attempt and no horizon, exhibited program total and concrete, faithful interpreter of everything I wanted to. The brilliance with which Leoncio Martinez exposes our situation as a country, can not be more accurate. It seems that today live among us and I would have written it yesterday. The first paragraph is seen aimed at our political leadership: If the town gets to someone capable of translating words into a popular sentiment, the people accompany you decidedly. Here appointment specifically why the Venezuelan people followed Boves revenge of unfulfilled promises of a ruling class of the past and then find another liberator, interpreter, to get more thoroughly and he exhibited a program, read well, a program, total and complete culminating with success, as Leo indicated, followed him also but with an outcome entirely different and opposite.

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