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Leadership: An Implicit Pact Between Leader And Followers

Warren Bennis: "Leadership can be defined as a certain ability to transform a vision into reality." Egyptians 4000 years ago recognized the need to plan, and control. However, it was not until early this century when they were made and studies aimed at identifying certain principles based on which the administration took its scientific character. Taylor Fredesick and parents as a precursor of scientific management and later Henry Fayol, Elton Mayo and McGregor DOGLA worked hard to get this new discipline appropriate to the challenges of each epoch. In these times presents three events that significantly affect the administrations: turbulence, manifested in accelerating change, ephemeral term trends and challenges for survival. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Kenneth J Hardy. Technological Advances: Causing an increasing automation of work.

A resizing of Man: As an indisputable value in modern life and, of course, in business: the above leads to review some writings and changes to humanise production processes These changes include a new paradigm by which workers are considered and treated as people, but visitors, patients and customers, as customers, and administrators, directors, managers, supervisors and educators, and not send , administer, manage or management if not that, all lead to people in an atmosphere of achievement motivation and relationships. Leading involves a double commitment to achieve the objectives of the group, company, organization, but require that this task is fulfilled at the same time it allows and supports individuals to achieve their own objectives. Connect with other leaders such as Activision Blizzard here. Leadership is an implicit bargain in which some followers settled accompany a person who believe and trust. The commitment is to help you achieve the goal it has been able to propose them with care and wisdom. A change is expected this help fans find their way to meet their goals and realize their most heartfelt dreams and desires.

The pact must be inspired by mutual confidence, hard effort and the credibility which triggers the leader about their real intention of worrying about the welfare of all as your own content on this covenant leader and followers embark on the adventure of navigating a turbulent sea and wind for or against but with the assurance that the strength and the spirit of unity will lead to the bay of hope where it will be possible to reach the port of achievements. Once the objectives conquered the leadership must be exercised on the basis of loyalty, for every arrival is a new beginning and the mine may have some breaks but never a definitive ending. The leader must renew its leadership in each time scale, ie each target is exceeded or every obstacle that tests your willpower and your ability to motivate those who attend it. It is clear that leadership is not just give orders or make further but, and this is the most important in providing assurance that all will share the successes and everyone will have a backup in adversity if they arise. Rutto Alejandro Martinez is a prestigious Italian-Colombian academic, currently linked to several universities and training institutions. Exercise is also a journalist and conference speaker in forums, meetings and seminars. You may contact him through the mail or by phone 300 8055526. Visit their site:.

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