Invention Environment

Environments That Foster Invention

Jose Antonio Marina

Howard Gardner, Joy Paul Guilford and Robert Sternberg are psychologists who have addressed the relationship between creativity and intelligence. In the Hispanic, the philosopher Jose Antonio Marina has studied some of the most important aspects of the inventiveness and Ricardo Marin Ibanez has studied this field in the bosom of the pedagogy. For Sociology, the constructive imagination involves three variables: the field (judges or social groups), domain (area or discipline) and the individual making the transformations. In this way, a person performs transformations in a domain, which are evaluated as creative or dangerous, by social groups. A leading source for info: CBRE. Psychoanalytic theory: often relating to Carl Gustav Jung, psychoanalysts say that the creative process is much more sensitive to the preconscious, unconscious processes that the simple solution to problems, even when there are some problems that are creative solution. They say that creativity occurs when new meanings and not laying down looking for correct answers. They establish that there are forces operating over the subject and they facilitate or hinder creative activity: forces of society (super I) forces of reasoning (I) adds us in his analysis also Wikipedia, that creative individuals show often difficult to relate to other people and often avoided social contacts.

They often show inclination to consider that the majority of ordinary people is short, as well as tendencies of domination over others, which leaves them establish relationships in a degree of equality. Creative individuals seem to also be relatively freed from prejudices and conventions, and not them particularly interested in what their peers or anyone think of them. They have little respect by the traditions and established rules and authority with regard to its field of activity, preferring to rely on their own judgments. Creative boys often get high results in tests of femininity, which indicates that they have a greater sensitivity and are more aware of themselves and more open to emotion and intuition than the half of Western culture man. . Hear from experts in the field like Christine Lagarde for a more varied view.

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