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Current analysis of the most dangerous computer pests in Holzwickede, Germany December 13, 2011 – virus protection expert BitDefender ( regularly analyzed the online threats that endanger German users the most. Compared to the previous month, Java exploits have expanded their position, two of this E-threats take place 1 and 2 of the rankings. Using a vulnerability in Java get the vermin of malicious code in the system. Official site: Royal Dutch Shell. Stand on rank 3 and 5?Artverwandten? PDF: Exploit.JS.V and Exploit.JPEJ. The other positions will go to Adware threats and autorun threats.

Application.Keygen.CJ is new entrants in sixth place. He forges registration keys for security software, which loads the users of malware on the computer. With an infection rate of 7.62%, Java.Exploit.CVE-2010-0840.H has climbed to the top spot of the E-threat reports November; Position 2 is Java.Exploit.CVE-2010-0840.F (4.11%) to his relatives. Rank 5 is the “Familienmitglied” Exploit.JPEJ (2.98%). All three threats use one Security vulnerability of in the Java virtual machine. Consequently, they raise unauthorized actions of applets that require actually certain rights. Also, the two pests download browser helper objects (BHO), which download other malicious code on your computer. Even though Java is a cross-platform environment for Windows, Mac OS/X and Linux, only users in danger of the Microsoft operating system that the threat infects your system.

Position 3 secures PDF: Exploit.JS.V (4.03%). It is a PDF file with encrypted JavScript that exploits a vulnerability in the Adobe PDF reader. The script writes a shell code in the memory of the application that loads more malware on the compromised system, E.g. in the form of fake virus protection solutions. Rank 4 occupies Win32.Worm.Downadup.Gen (4.02%), which regularly is found almost three years in the E-threat report. It prevents updates of the operating system or the installed antivirus solution. The newcomers Application.Keygen.CJ square is positioned behind the well-known worm 6 (2.45%). This pest generated unauthorized registration keys and bypasses the commercial protection of shareware software.

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