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In the course of history, the invention of some artifacts to provide a proper distribution of elements, has been a goal to achieve, one of the most famous inventions are the faucets, which have helped immensely to the control of drinking water, both in the antiquity as today. The taps are located at exits elements of water, with the objective of limiting the output of the same, these are usually made of materials such as steel and iron. The faucets consist of a duct where water flow is controlled by a handle or crank which is the meter of water used in places such as bathrooms, laundries and any type of site where a water outlet. The history of taps begins in mid eighteenth century, where plumbers devised a system of water control, in order to facilitate their work. For the nineteenth century and the taps were a key part of homes throughout Europe, although it is good to note that the first taps were very sensitive and often damaging, not to mention that allowed water to be released drip. The big evolutionary step occurred in the twentieth century, where the inclusion of domestic regulatory and steel knobs, taps allowed the resistance they have obtained to date. Today's faucets are a widely used in the renovation and interior decoration, for their variety and capabilities make them an excellent tool for both water control and for decoration.

On the market are different types of faucets. Some of them are: Crickets purifiers: on the market are very novel types of faucets such as purifiers, which have the function of passing the water through a purification system before leaving the tap. Taps portable: they are designed to carry water tanks full, it is said portable with a small tap that graduates out of the water. bath or shower taps: these are the taps that are responsible for making the water falls as rain, this in order to make showering more comfortable. Taps multioutput: these faucets have the option have several types of water, or have two internal pipelines that provide water faucet both cold and hot. Faucets with LED: This is a very new type of faucet, which has an LED that gives color to the water as the temperature, the colors range from blue to characterize the water cold to red for hot water. Taps Hose are the taps that are within a hose components, which allows the tap can be moved to anywhere in either the kitchen or bathroom. In summary, the invention of valves has allowed the use of an item is as vital as water, has maximized its effectiveness, not to mention the immense advantages that bring new faucets, and purification and water savings.

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