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Countries with imperialist profile are the other group of countries which are continuously attacked in their speeches. And the favorite target for criticism, are Colombia and Peru. In the case of Argentina, but profile does not show a clear anti-imperialist (or yes, but ambiguous), it seeks from its current government, increasing interventionist role of the state. The result is, so far, an economy full of regulations and cross-subsidies that grow uncontrollable and investment issues in key sectors such as energy, in a totally favorable economic environment for the country, an unprecedented situation. According to former Argentine Deputy Foreign Minister Andres Cisneros, the governments of several countries show: demonstrations of awkwardness stemmed from a political concept that has not been exercised in a normal and beneficial treatment with the world. Examples of this awkwardness, are at wholesale, especially in Bolivia, Venezuela and Argentina, and in the latter case, the current conflict between the government and the Argentine countryside that has already become history.

According to the Institute of International Finance (IIF): Not surprisingly flows to countries with unfavorable investment climate for foreign investors, Argentina, Ecuador and Venezuela remain anemic. For the unfavorable investment climate that exist in these countries that one can understand the poor flow of investment to current international prices of agricultural commodities and energy, which should generate great opportunities in those countries. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Greg C. Garland by clicking through. goal as well. Nejamkis’s article an interesting insight rescues Eduardo Viola, Professor of International Relations at the University of Brasilia, which identifies the major problem of these governments: a vision that leads to missed opportunities to weaken macroeconomic fundamentals and legal certainty.

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