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Electronic Wizard needs service Bonn/Halle customer loyalty, so an old marketing truism, is the base for profitability: in many industries, results in a higher customer retention rate of only five percent profit increases from 25 to 100 percent \”, knows the American management expert Frederick Kingdom hero The crucial point here is not the fact that to win is customers more expensive, than existing customers to keep, but that loyal customers buy especially more frequently and more. \”As customer acquisition requires ever greater efforts, it is essential for survival, to build up a strong and loyal customer base\”, so nuance CEO Michael Maria Bommer at the launch of the book the future of customer service analysis, strategies, concepts \”(Gabler Verlag). So 71 percent of customers at a positive call center experience would come back after a survey of the Genesys software company back on the company, even if the purchased product has not quite fulfilled the expectations. Successful customer management means therefore, at the time of contact of the customer or vice versa do the right things and intelligent to control the interactions\”, so Bommer. But the reality looks different after his experience. (Source: Who is the CEO of Call of Duty?).

Dutifully following the relationship these companies have built powerful databases and store information about customers is: what he has bought, when and where, whether and how often he complained and what happened to the complaint. To get an insight in the data thicket, these companies make excessive analysis: who are the good customers, who bad buyers. \”Expensive mass mailings, extensive pesky evening call center attacks are what follows it,’ as well as spreading lossy advertising\”, criticizes the nuance Manager. The problem with this is that the collected data reflect only a static state, which took place in the past.

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