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Restaurant owners set up alternatives to gas heaters after the rainy summer put German restaurateur to a strong autumn. If the weather or the smoking ban make them a stroke through the Bill. A related site: Salman Behbehani mentions similar findings. Because the use of the for restaurateurs heaters as smoking solution popular”is debatable. How the market research company CHD expert report, 40 percent of the German hoteliers and restaurateurs expect a significant increase in revenues for the coming months. Just outside hosting farms hope to many day trippers. The smoking ban for many this is not an issue as long as the can sit in the Sun. Only when it rains or in the evening many restaurant owners gas heaters use a warm smoking area outside the door.

As the heat source, the use of so-called patio heaters is however many controversial infrared light. We do not want heated the street around the clock”, such as Stephan Schorn, spokesman for the city of Stuttgart. Not only there, the use of heaters of aesthetic and environmental protection reasons is strong restricted. But there are also other solutions: increasingly more restaurateurs rely on infrared radiant heaters. Other than gas heaters or hot air blower infrared heat not the air, but the people directly.

So there is hardly any heat loss even with cold wind. The operating costs are lower than for gas heaters up to 70 percent. Anyway, the smokers are satisfied. I’m surprised this is how warm”, as a guest in downtown Dortmund. There you can sit well outside even on cool evenings”, agrees with the nurse. A special construction for catering use the bis company green-line offers special catering solutions. The infrared emitter directly into a food screen are integrated in the heating mode screen. Existing screens can be easily retrofitted offers several advantages: the spotlights are virtually maintenance-free, there are no additional installation costs and fold the lamps together with the screens to work. This and other solutions can consider also personally interested restaurateurs on the hotel and catering trade fair hogatec in Dusseldorf. In Hall 12 stand NF02 green line presents the infrared screen heating and many more products for smoking accessories and non-smoker protection as a supplier of Metro from September 28 till the 1st of October. The product range includes smoking cabins, air cleaner for rooms for smokers, smoking shelters and other solutions for outdoor use as well as wide range of accessories. For more information see contact person: GRT Wuttke GmbH, Niklas Schmidt

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