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Huyssen History

During a good time this event was conceived as a legend, that resisted the time for the orality in the contao of history, in some aboriginal communities the orality is the form to repass the culture of that etnia. Before written the values and customs they were repassed to the too much members of the community for the verbalizao. Hear other arguments on the topic with Moodys . Even though when we carry through the line of the division of history for our pupils, the landmark of history if of the one with the sprouting of the writing. We believe that currently this distanciamento is each less important time, therefore by means of academic works we visualize the importance of verbal history. The memory is a tool has more in the study of history, that is, we have an armory of possibilities.

We cannot enaltecer one in detriment of another one the conflicts between history and memory exceeds the vision in accordance with criticizes established for Huyssen is for the fact of history to have tangled for the commercialization of facts passing to be used the imaginary one as principal source in relembrar of the facts, what they infuse in the sales of the history of the invented memory (that does not correspond to the reality of the fact). ‘ ‘ In short the memory if became a cultural obsession of monumental ratios in all the points of the Planeta’ ‘ (HUYSSEN, p.16), that is, the manufacture of salable history to the commerce of the memory. The imagined and invented memory composes many times the cinematographic commerce, that vende as truth something that is not part of the reality, what it at risk puts the use of the memory with complement of history. Exactly ahead of the risks of the invented memory, the memory certainly is the icon that comes to complement it the history, giving to them infinite possibilities to remember the past that more if approaches to the reality, must, however well-taken care of with the imaginative excesses. REFERENCES HUYSSEN, Andras. Seduced for the Memory: architecture, monuments, media.

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