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How To Send Your Posts To Your Blog / Website To Your Subscribers Automatically

This is something that very few people know. It is not something sola bread would like to discuss. Instead of using the Feedburner and your autoresponder, you can use for two things and one more: To send an email to all your messages to daily programmed to automatically send stories each time you post (this is what we see today) Come through the steps, are seven steps, going slowly, OK?: Sign in with your username and contrast. Sola granola often says this. You contact the Home. Choose the list you want to work either by folding the top left or click the list Home. From the menu, click on the third option you can set your message Messages. Follow-up, Broadcast and Broadcast Blog.

Follow-up is to schedule your message to your list in order. Broadcast is to send an email to everyone on your list at that time and who subscribe. Blog Broadcast Choose Blog Broadcast. Click the green button: + Create New Blog Broadcast Now find out the direction of rss or whatever you want to add (you can add an RSS feed that is not yours, but you consider interesting for your readers).

RSS Feed URL: RSS. If address you stick your word-press blog, the staff usually has a link on the bottom. You can always try putting the same url to your blog, and aweber will tell if it’s OK. If you have Firefox to visit your blog you’ll see a little button Orange (rss typical), if you click the RSS address you will. Once you’ve got can tell (great!) How often you want to send: – Every 2 posts. Immediately (do not advise it if you make mistakes in your blog entry) – Each day of the week or month specific (this is new and very useful aweber). Save Ends with Broadcast Blog it! forget to send a mail every X days to your subscribers by sending news, let your autoresponder do this automatically. Let us unite the best of FeedBurner and autoresponder. Remember, money is on the list and tell you from experience that if not for “my” I do not earn a dime.)

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