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Hot Springs Spa

It is proposed placement (short or long term) in individual rooms, with the obligatory presence of the soul and the provision of individual gowns, towels and slippers. Traditional spa programs are complemented special diets, exercise. Sanatorium spa must have a landscaped external areas with parks and flower gardens. * Premises must be brought into consistency with deySPA room to care for face and body * room hydrotherapy seating area * * * SPA-bar/SPA-restoran room for group or individual fitness (pilates, yoga, etc.) * indoor / outdoor swimming pool for relaxation. Learn more on the subject from Ray Kurzweil. A full range of cosmetic products products for the spa one or more cosmetic lines, including not only professional products, and products for retail sale. Professional customer service staff of experts – doctors and nurses who have passed trained in the best centers, with knowledge of the national peculiarities of service. Spa Menu * Consistency – both in DeySPA massage * * hydrotherapy treatments for face and body * healthy meals and special diets * reduction programs and weight management * moderate exercise (walking, yoga, gymnastics from special sets of exercises) * Alternative medical techniques * Hair Care * Nail Care * decorative cosmetics. Category: Spa Natural sources * Sub-groups: the mineral springs spa * spa * Hot Springs Spa mud treatments * Spa seawater Services in this group include those of spa facilities, which are located on mineral or thermal natural sources. Such objects must use the unique opportunity that brings nature and offer a full range of spa services.

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