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Heiko Jahn

This results in an attractive document, which can be inserted into the customer conversation due to the included investment recommendations and explanations as effective confidence – and sales tool. By its clarity and transparency, it leaves no questions for the customer. This approach strengthens the trust relationship to his Adviser. Banks that use the client reporting 3.0, can position itself clearly over their competitors and points with investors with a superb service. Past purchases and sales from its investment portfolio are explained by the report understandable and comprehensible the customers.

Is inter alia on the basis of benchmarks made visible how the investment when compared to similar investment strategies have developed. Orientation in addition offers the optional appearance of the charts. So is displayed, for example, as the investment in the context of historical events such as elections, stock market crashes or natural disasters has evolved. In addition, the actual development of capital compared to the agreed target is represented. With the client reporting 3.0 put banks and asset advice on building trust and invest in sustainable customer relationships in the financial industry since the banking crisis an extremely sensitive and important area.

At most institutions investors, if they do not invest in great style, at present only a general overview of the last period corresponds to the client reporting 1.0 advanced are the banks that provide some background information on its capacity development the customers to this would be by definition client reporting 2.0. The solution from Assentis meets, however “Customer requirements: namely in relation to clear explanations of the context, as well as individually tailored, decision-preparation information, what measures must be taken in the future”, Heiko Jahn, Vice President Sales at Assentis, shows benefits of client reporting on 3.0. Assentis Technologies AG: Assentis Technologies AG is a software house and innovative partner for the optimization of communication with documents in banks and insurance companies. The financial service application provider opened its customers new ways for cooperation, and in particular in the communication with customers, partners and suppliers. With its proven software solutions, the complexity of business communication including the compliance requirements that are ever-changing in the financial market is efficiently managed and maintained a high degree of individuality for the users. Assentis is represented by affiliates or branch offices in Europe, North America and Asia. The company is one of leading banks and insurance companies in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and the United States and Asia to its customers. Even industries such as Telefommunikation, trade, production and services benefit from the advantages of the software family DocFamily. Contact address: Assentis Technologies AG Heiko Jahn (VP Sales) Blegistrasse 1 CH – 6343 Rotkreuz, Tel.: 0041 / 41 / 790 91 92 fax: 0041 / 41 / 790 91 93 E-mail: Internet: PR Agency: Walter Visual PR GmbH Mr. Markus Walter Rheinstrasse 99 65185 Wiesbaden Tel.: 06 11 / 23878-0 fax: 06 11 / 23878-23 E-mail: Internet:

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