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The oldness is not a choice, but a evolutivo period of training, a phase of the life of the person, and to have a more healthful oldness, it is important to know to live with some basic cares and much attention to the corporal symptoms, the aged ones will be able to still enjoy for much time the good things of the life. To sleep early and to wake up early, to practise compatible exercises with the age, to make allonges, to take sun in adjusted schedules well, alimentary, to walk daily, to take care of of the personal hygiene, to keep the weight without exaggerating; the balance in everything means intelligence and common-sense, few people know to age with wisdom. To know to usufruct all the moments of leisure, the social interaction and the diverse development of hobbies and interests collaborate so that the mind is remained active and healthful. It is important that the aged one is respected as human being that is, with all the inherent limitations its age. If already it does not possess the vitality of youth, on the other hand a life has the knowledge acquired through the experiences throughout all.

allotment of these knowledge with the new generations provides to the aged a possibility to remain itself integrated to the society. This integration is of utmost importance for the aged one, a time that one of its bigger pleasures consists of telling facts happened in its life and to perceive that the people surround who it they give to it attention to it due. According to author Branches ' ' the physical activity, through the different physiological adaptations for stimulated it, becomes a great allied of the health, preventing and until being able to be part of the diverse treatment of doenas.' ' (2001, p.15). During the aging process, some physical and psychological changes occur.

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