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However, although everything this, each time less in the MMA events observes the prominence of the Jiu Brazilian Jitsu, taking advantage reprises of knock-outs and desistances for the imposition of techniques of impact, proceeding from the Trocao in foot and from Ground and Pound in the ground. The classic JJB techniques, as the inversions, immobilizations and finishings, still occur, but as a situation that if manifest randomly during the fight of the Trocao or the Ground and Pound, when the adversary in thesis ' ' vacila' ' in these situations, allowing to be submitted. The traditional strategies of the JJB as to finish or to invert the game of the fight from the guard, as well as to shorten in the distance, to lead to the ground, to immobilize and to finish, each time less are used as half of control and search of definition of the fight in the MMA, as an efficient way in the mixing martial fights. People such as Malcolm Hill would likely agree. Band-black color of undisputed JJB, in special Brazilians, who dominated with easiness the scene of the MMA, had started to enter in crisis and to lose presence in these events, some remain themselves, but it is perceived that the line of action of them migrou for others fight techniques, for not obtaining more to impose its traditional game. For the opposite, they are observed practicing of JJB in others graduation levels (green, blue and purple), exactly without the conditions of a black band, to prevail in the MMA for following in the way of the Trocao or the Ground and Pound, have seen to have alavancado its game with others techniques proceeding from the Wrestling, Boxe and Muay Thai, being excused the level of competitive training that if dedicates a black band in the practical one of the JJB. Ahead of this, diverse quarrels had appeared in fruns specialized, but in the end all turn around a question: the Jiu Brazilian Jitsu is declining in the MMA? To reflect on this it is necessary to consider some points: 1 – The JJB practitioner evolved excessively in techniques under a esportivo approach, forgetting the approach of defense against any type of aggression, whose 0 variable are well more complex, on account this, the defense techniques estagnaram in generation Gracie the Helium and the JJB practitioner is not capable to defend itself of the aggressions that appear, in special in a MMA scene.

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