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The sales and thus measurable benefits remains however mostly on track. Who is responsible for the contact? The optimal use of website analysis tools is essential for the success and the acquisition of new contacts. Website operators cause of utility maximization of sites the privacy-compliant use of Google Analytics as well as fee-based analysis software. The advantage of professional software is only the comfort and the capabilities for the automation and monitoring of operations. Which tool is the individually suitable ultimately depends on your requirements and the number of Web site hits. The latter is of course also always vital for responsible and, if you can win 10 or even 100 new contacts for each month. Who or what decides on the number of possible contacts? You! …

and the actions you take to increase the frequency on your site. The latter should be a Core tasks of marketing be (with reference to paragraph 1 and the use of the Internet in the 21st century). Crossmedia is the process that filling your site with life and provides you with extensive knowledge about visitors and their interests. We explain it using a newsletter: hardly a successful newsletter contains more than 300 characters to a topic. Who wants to read more, click on a link and Lands on the provider’s Web site. So to win already a potential contact, as well as a variety of findings, because we can already observe the behavior of another at that time and analyze. What works with a newsletter that works also with other online channels, such as online press portals, forums, Communitiss, E-mailings, backlinks from other sites, search engine marketing and optimization, social media, such as XING, Twitter or facebook as well as offline media, such as a QR code, which leads through a Smartphone app on the mobile site of a corporate presence. What is to do? Should still yet heard, that your website capable of is to generate contacts regularly, start with the following steps. Check whether your site from a privacy-compliant analysis software observed”is. Consider using a cross-media strategy. Already there are concepts for visitor and frequency optimization? Talk to your distributor: there is evidence of the whereabouts of contacts from the website here?

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