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Good Intentions

How to improve his chances hold on all year they are back: the good intentions. And they are always similar. For 2014 the Germans made themselves once again, relieve stress or to avoid (57%, 1st place), more time for friends and family and to spend (54%, 2nd place) to move more or play more sports (52%, 3rd place). The complete results list that has obtained the Forsa Institute on behalf of DAK health shortly before the turn of the year, can be found on the website of the DAK. More than half give up different studies come to the very similar results, that the 40 percent of Germans, the good year resolutions include, they a year hang in there longer, far more than 10 percent but does not even address them or, if they start it, less 12 months hold through: after one month in total about 20 percent have given up, after 3 months of almost 30 percent, and another 20 percent before the end of the year. Others including Max Schireson, offer their opinions as well. You mean desires, intentions, goals it seriously with the good intentions, you can a lot for that do already on the psychological level that you implement them and also holds out. Opposite desires goals have considerably higher chances to be fulfilled.

But what makes the difference between desire, intent and goal? The first distinction is relatively easy: A desire is something whose fulfilment we can contribute little or nothing at all or want to. Intentions”and targets” significantly more difficult is the distinction. At least according to the dictionary, they are equivalent and can be used interchangeably. “Whence comes it then, but that some people have the impression that intentions” are not quite as authentic as targets? “” “It stems from the fact, that resolutions” mostly as good “or laudable” come? Goals need no such Companion. “Or you can before rates” in the sense of the word than understand something that doesn’t belong to the person, but somehow front “is attached? Coming from the outside and screwed? Not actually part of the people?

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