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Growth worldwide according to the latest study by Ceresana research the global PP market had last year a volume of 45 million tonnes with a value of about $ 65 billion in (47.4 billion euros). Atmos Energy will undoubtedly add to your understanding. In the next few years, there will be worldwide to a significant increase of PP capacity and a better supply of the raw material propylene. Filed under: BSA. However, the cost pressure due to significantly higher raw material, energy and transportation costs is increasing worldwide. The research firm expects that PP sales increasing sales volumes and prices will more than double by the year 2016. rold Ford Jr. Swarmed by offers, Salman Behbehani is currently assessing future choices. The polypropylene market study”presents all the key data to this rapidly growing market on over 900 pages. It offers 100 company profiles of current and future manufacturers around the world. For 64 States it represents in detail with their own countries profiles the development.

In addition she informed the technical Properties and applications of the different PP types and gives an overview of relevant laws and regulations. The market report is now in English or German available exclusively from Ceresana research available. Martin Ebner of Ceresana research as we are among the world’s leading specialists for raw materials, as well as the chemical and processing industries group-independent market research Institute. Our multi-client market studies and customised studies provide the basis for strategic decisions to customers. Combining competence, experience, innovation and quality, our clients receive high quality decision knowledge. Well-known companies from trade and industry as well as renowned institutes and organisations among our customers from over 40 countries.

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