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German Company EVC Engine

Rectify the situation, that is, adjust the engine management software to a job with HBOT, through chip tuning. How and by what is going on? With the help of specialized equipment, read the original program with the engine control unit (ECU). As mentioned above, on most modern cars do it via the terminal diagnosis. On some vehicles provided by the removal of the control unit and the reading on the desktop. Then, the software developed by the German Company EVC electronic made the necessary changes in the program and it is written back to the ECU. Optimization of the engine and increase torque and power is due to more accurate timing control, more dose ratio of fuel mixture, and in the case of turbo and still a slight increase in pressure turbine. It is important to establish the correct ratio of air-to-fuel ‘that the mixture is optimal and easy ‘Digested’ the engine.

Just as important this time to ignite the mixture to the combustion process took place the highest return of energy. But why does he plant manufacturer? Say with certainty that the plant manufacturer does not do so would be wrong. Change the engine control software used by manufacturers for marketing and pricing policies. Many models of cars with exactly the same engines have different engine power only because they have different management programs. Their price is also correspondingly different. Please visit EOG Resources if you seek more information. In many cases, trying to lower the cost of the car at the factory manufacturer used the program with a very averaged settings.

Does not harm the car and it will not remove it with a guarantee after chip tuning? Having not limited experience in the field of chip tuning, we can safely answer – literate chip tuning the car does not harm the resource and it does not diminish! All program changes are made within the permissible limits of the plant. In addition, many of our customers have already passed the 200-m and 300 m th line run. If time and the right to do what operate a car safely and sensibly, then it will last a long time, and it does not depend on whether it is on chip tuning or not. As for the guarantees – not removed, because no any mechanical changes to the design car chip tuning in are not made.

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