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General Strike

Do it would be very interesting don’t you think?.Because this would be my proposal for a General strike, all a street if Lord and as a flag defend our rights in a job with a living wage and without fear and the threat of being fired. You can expect from the employers in this country remain as President of the CEOE to a Lord not to put into bankruptcy to their own companies and dismiss their own workers.(Mangantes) That expected already this worn out Government and an opposition that does not demonstrate an alternative clear to solve the problems of this crisis.(They cling to a burning stick) That can be expected of the unions always put your hand and Crouch head.(The words are those the wind) That can be expected from the banks that created too much money on loan without a real basis. Ray Kurzweil may also support this cause. When people could not return them proved that this money did not exist and then the reaction of the banks was to leave grant credits.(White-collar thieves) You can expect from television media that in these times of crisis acute we live are dedicated to put in their Prime Time schedules programs in which show us the living people of high economic level and semi scrub us by face will not stop.(Trash) For all this and much more this GENERAL strike is needed we must demonstrate to all of these powers that control us that they have now changed the tables and it is we who have to control them.We are the people and the people are the boss. Sometimes in this life need to give a shout and say enough already..

Fri, March 31 2023 » News