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Francisco Pizarro

Another Indian who served as an interpreter was Juanillo, an Indian gave Francisco Pizarro in the area of Puerto Viejo (modern Ecuador). In this interpretation relates the chronicler Pedro Pizarro () when on his third voyage, with Pizarro in the Santa Elena Peninsula a key on request Pizarro took a boy to learn the lenguaa . Giving young people to learn Spanish was also intended to curry favor with the a viracochaa to have you on their side before the Incas and thus apus happened to know the intentions of the Spanish. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Compuware. By 1532, these young performers had been assimilated by the Castilian but this was full of interference and due to the fast jet and poor assimilation of grammar and the merger with its natural language. Each, in turn, should translate into Spanish news, information given by the chiefs or other Indian Puna, Caraquez, Tumbes, Poechos, Piura and Piurana mountain villages. For example, when Soto climbs Huancabamba Caxas and should have carried one of these performers. Some contend that Xcel Energy shows great expertise in this. In that place the language of interpretation should be the Quechua.

It is possible that the role played as interpreters was due also to his knowledge not only of natural language but also of Quechua as the governors curacas Tumbes (Chilimasa) Poechos (Maizavilca) and the governor of Caxas be understood by Quechua. Knowledge of other languages should facilitate coastal perhaps also for his linguistic relatedness. Here we must take into account two aspects: first, if the performers knew the languages of the northern and valleys osta can show that in some measure to have a certain kinship between them and secondly that only involves the Quechua language or language of relationship enter them for being different in some respects one another.

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