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FFL – Profession After Consolidation And Refocusing On Growth

New lead to the business field expansion activities of the FFL FFL school for aircraft Director GmbH is the oldest public flying school for commercial pilots in Germany. The company maintains close contact with German and international airlines and aims to pilot training (ATPL from ab initio) close to the needs and claims of the later work and principal of the pilots. Trainers and instructors are active or former pilot and secure a practical exam preparation according to the rules of the joint aviation authorities at the airport of Essen Mulheim. FFL is the Essen Mulheim airport. In spite of all adversities and different political interests of those responsible. The year 2011 has been actively used after the general economic crisis of in recent years for the realignment of the company. Essen Mulheim airport is still an ideal location for the business aviation and for the professional training of professional and commercial pilot. Its central location between major airports in NRW creates ideal conditions for pilot training.

Therefore, FFL supports the management of the airport in the further development and expansion of the airport for general aviation. For the student, the local policy does not matter. They would make their vocational dream come true ‘Airline pilots’ dream to fly to America, Hawaii or Australia Despite numerous economic and aviation crisis, again hundreds of young people decide to follow the stony path through trials and tests. Often funded the training of financial institutions and at the end they have invested more than 65,000 euros in their profession – training usually costs so much. There are over 80 air driver schools in Germany.

FFL is one of the well-known and renowned companies. Despite the economic crisis, the graduates could be accommodated in recent years almost always well-known airlines. Pilots are always wanted. Especially in the era of globalization. In the last year were new single – and twin-engined aircraft with Purchased glass cockpit (Garmin 1000).

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