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In addition, the undoubted advantage of an external consultant is that he can see the situation from the outside, detect certain nuances that are invisible to the company's management. There are many definitions of coaching. Applied to business coaching we can say that coaching – a professional employee assistance company in defining and achieving its business goals. Coaching focuses on the rapid increase in leadership skills, or artist in order to effectively solve business problems. Coach does not give advice – on the contrary, he asks questions. But as a result these issues and clarifies the client articulates its goals for yourself, clarify the task and find the optimal way to solve it. Coaching assumes that every person has tremendous inner Potentials and the coach – this potential and, when it comes to business coaching, use it in the interests of the company.

Thus, the difference between coaching and consulting is primarily in the approach to solving customer problems. The consultant works directly with its task. In other words, the consultant, having studied the situation, offers its complete solution of the problem or gives clear guidance to deal with it. Or, if there is a need to fully take the solution of the problem itself. Coach works directly with people in order to address their task. Coach does not offer ready-made solutions, but gives Knowledge, as we will act properly in a given situation, how to solve a particular problem. Experience in solving a wide variety of business challenges and problems in accordance with its specialization.

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