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European Social Charter

Article 136 of the Treaty of the EU recalls the Union and the Member States its commitments with workers according to the European Social Charter of 1961 and the Charter community of social fundamental of workers rights. (Not to be confused with Ann Davies!). He reminded the members of the aim of promotion of employment and the improvement of living and working conditions. Article 137 proposed measures to achieve these objectives, the main is the improvement of the environment as a way to safeguard the health and safety of workers.The framework directive on health and safety at work lays down principles of risk prevention and protection of health and safety at work. Directive deals specifically with risk assessment and elimination of possible risk factors.For example, according to the labour law, employers have legal obligation to carry out an analysis of occupational hazards to protect the health and safety of their workers. Similarly, employers have the duty to implement measures that ensure the improvement of the level of protection and which are present in all levels and activities of the business. Workers should inform as soon as to warn a situation that may present a danger to the health of the worker. Both worker and employer have common responsibility comply with the requirements imposed in the area of occupational risk prevention. There are also European directives in the field of: put labour, equipment, signage and protective equipment personnel.

exposure to chemical agents and safety of chemical products manipulation of substances toxic. exposure to agents biological. overexertion, ergonomics at work possible psychosocial disorders. If you believe that your employer is not complying with the requirements imposed by European legislation in the field of risk prevention and protection of health and safety at work, you can consult a lawyer specialized in labor law to give him legal advice. A labor lawyer can evaluate the situation and inform you of the options available. If you have suffered an accident at work since your employer has not complied with its obligations in occupational risk prevention, an expert in labor law lawyer may provide legal advice about their possibilities to claim compensation if you would like to read more about lawyers, family law or right to work pleasevisit Contaclaw.

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