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For tourists, the Nordic countries are becoming increasingly popular in recent years. Not only the Scandinavian countries reported increased attendance, but also the North Atlantic island of Iceland. The island republic with only a little over 300,000 inhabitants, is now visited by more tourists than the country’s inhabitants. And the visitors continued to show an upward trend. The reason is certainly looking at the untouched nature and its original manner. Huge glaciers consider the uninhabited highlands, vast lava deserts, volcanoes and menacing-looking hot springs and geysers in Iceland, there to discover. Also idyllic countryside with green fields and deep fjords, the traveler can find here. The positive development of the tourism industry has also led to problems. Where only a few Jahzehnten was untouched wilderness, you meet today is increasingly at fences, parking and souvenir shops. Especially in the southwest of Iceland in the summer months the streets of buses and their cruise ship tourists crowded –In any case, if has once again created an ocean liner in Reykjavik. The many Tousristen left to the major sights, but also increasingly from remote locations, such as in the highlands or in the West Fjords, more and more tracks. This results in the form of trampled meadows, Moss surfaces and from piles of rubbish and cigarette butts left behind. The magnificent landscape of Iceland should not be missed. Even the author of this Article will travel again like in the North Atlantic. We all have the right to rejoice in the beauties of nature. But everyone should tourists – where the journey is always – respect nature and preserve at the destination for other guests! Extensive information on Iceland and a large gallery with photos of Iceland, Greenland and the Faroe Islands can be found online at the Country Portal The page is in German and in a somewhat abbreviated form in English.

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