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Environment And Development: The Clutter In The Nature

(by Lucia Czer) the universalizada idea of development is in the domination idea on the nature, meaning that to be developed he is urban and to be industrialized. We are only considered urban if we will be far from the nature, next to what the man constructs. Had to this idea, incivilizados the peoples are all who coexist in almost primitive way in its habitat. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Xerox. For this vision, the ambientalistas comumente are accused to want the return to the primitive state, to the nature state, at last, to be contrary to the development, the progress and the technology. According to society, said modern, all must have the right, not it option, to the development. The equality concept is expressed there. This idea seems to be contemplated only through the development, is not mentioned to the different ways to be equal, different cultures and peoples.

We have the European and North American cultural standard here. In this direction, equality is to establish development archetypes, following the standards of financial oligarchies industrials of the First atrelada World to the sectors of the desenvolvimentistas national bourgeoisies of the Third World. As result of the fights against the misery and the social injustice, the ambientalistas had softened the critical ones against the development and had started to dialogue on ecodesenvolvimento and, later, with the idea of sustainable development. The challenge rank is: to search alternatives to the development and not of development. To the measure that the natural resources give exhaustion signals, the ambientalismo starts to be recognized and to interrelacionarcionar with the technician-scientific perspectives and the politician-cultural questions. It is transferred the certainty of that it is necessary to impose limits to the growth. The nature demonstrates the logic of the action-reaction and already it is not necessary to fight against the nature, but yes, against the effect of the intervention human being in the nature.

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