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To take care of request of Conservation of Energy, Proteco de Ambiente and Light Peso in the vehicle industry, the not metallic materials as plastic and rubber are to be used widely to the vehicles. However, the amount of plastic use to the car becomes if a significant symbol to judge the level of development of a country in the International. In the gift, modified material, material plastic of engineering, composed plastic material are to be used wide in the vehicle industry that satisfies the request of Lightweight of expensive, its application inclue exterior decoration, body and structure of car, except interior decoration previously. Therefore, the security of quality of the not metallic materials to the vehicle more calls more attention the all manufacturers each time. (Source: Royal Dutch Shell). Material of interior derocao for vehicle means the functional and decorative parts in the cabin, as seat of car, panel of decoration of the door, panel of instrument, conductor of interior ventilation, captota of car, console box, rubber carpet and mat, and the materials for interior decoration as foam, leather, plastic, fabric, adhesive, selante, and etc. Currently, beyond function, aesthetic, comfort of interior decoration of vehicle, people of more the attention in the odor points, proteco of environment and health of the used materials. Therefore, manufacturer of material of interior decoration and general manufacturer request quality control to its products through test instrument.

As the excellent norms and requisite of application, the necessary item of test are following: 1. Volatileness Fogging Test the materials of interior decoration of vehicle as leather, fabric, foam, ink and fatliquor of leather, adhesive and other auxilirios will count volatile substance (VOC), develop if the volatile substance generation under a high temperature environment in the car because of insolation and functioning of engine of long stated period. The volatile substances could condense in the window and windshield of the car that affects vision and safe conduction of driver because of condition of favorable vision. Some volatile substances as methanal are toxics that harm the driver health. Through fogging test, we can control amount of volatile material to construct to a healthful environment and safe from conduction 2.

Test of Permeability to the Gas and Water vapor Seat of vehicle uses the materials as plastic foam of polyurethane, leather, fabric, cardboard of filter and etc., as to guarantee the driver perspiration easily it becomes if an important index to evaluate the quality of seat. Therefore the property of permeability to the gas and water vapor of seat is necessary to test for industry of vehicle 3. Test of Resistncia de Ruptura Performance of resistncia of rupture is an index important technician for the materials of interior decoration as leather, fabric, etc. that directly affects the property of use and life of materials 4. Test of Resistncia de Tenso Resistncia de Tenso also is an index important technician for the materials of interior decoration as leather, fabric, and etc. that directly affects the property of use and life of the materials

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